Ichabod's Web Page

Okay, I'm vaguely trying to make this Ichabod central on the web. I went for quite a while without a serious internet connection. But I got a cable modem about a year ago and now I'm out there in various places.

If you wish to contact me, my email is obrien at xenomind dot com.

Craig O'Brien

Who am I? I'm a Buddhist Quaker, born in 1970 and raised in Virginia. The best way to descibe my education is that I effectively have a bachelor's in linguistics, with minors in artificial intelligence, philosophy, and comparative religion, and a master's degree in statistics. I am currently working in Maryland as a mathematical statistician for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. However, it would be more correct to describe my job as an overpaid clerk who sometimes does a little database programming. My main hobby these days is Chess, but I still love programming Python.

Where I Am

I am on Facebook as Craig William O'Brien

I have a blog on Blogger under the title Craig Dreams. It's just a handy place for me to store my dreams. I've been writing them down on and off for years in the hopes of having another lucid dream. I got back into it, and I just doing it to help me remember the weird places my dreams take me.

I play Chess on Chess.com under the user name ichabod801. I play a lot of Fischer Random here, and I like games with 3 days or more per move.

I also play Chess on SchemingMind.com, again under the user name ichabod801. Here I play more variants. I like the variants available here, but I like the interface better at Chess.com.

Semi-Current Projects

I have been programming game files for Zillions of Games, which provides a platform for making your own abstract board games, which can then be played online or against the computer. I have one for Seirawan Chess, and one for my own variant Upgrade Chess. I may come out with some more in the future. These are zip files, with the zrf (Zillions Rules File) for the game, a subset of the Alfaerie Variant Chess Graphics for the pieces, and an explanatory readme file.

I used to practice Zen, but I split from Zen because I think Zen (and especially my Zen teacher) over emphasize meditation. I have been trying to develop a broader understanding of the Buddha's teaching, and may post what I come up with at a later date.

I'm working on a game tracking program for chess variants named Adjutant. It's kind of like Zillions of Games, but it is focused on chess variants, it is only for tracking games you are playing online, and it is based on an XML description of the games. I got stalled out after doing the planning, but I hope to get back into the programming soon.

Dead Projects

Codupyga: This is my game, a programming game based on the ancient Indian game of Chaturanga and it's many variants. You may know some of them: Chess, Shogi, Xiangqi, and many others. This project died due to lack of interest.

Poker Variants: A collection of 1,201 different ways to play poker, with four different indexes, stats for each game, and organized by variants and sub-variants. This is the largest collection of poker variants. This project died because the Texas Hold'em craze killed dealer's choice games.