A Photo a Day for a Year

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I've heard of people doing these things before, and it always sounded cool. A did once do a "day in the life of Craig O'Brien" photo series on Facebook, and this seemed like an extension of that idea. But then there's the question: what do you take a photo of every day?

Taking a photo of myself every day seems like the standard thing to do. But I'm not the kind of guy who does the standard thing. I thought about taking a picture of a particular object, like a tree, every day for a year. But that conflicts with my retirement plan of riding my motorcycle around the country in my retirement. So I would either have to take a picture of my motorcycle every day, myself every day, or a small thing I could carry around with me every day. Then motorcycle idea would mean a lot of pictures of my motorcycle in my garage. The small thing in different places seems like cheating. We've already eliminated taking pictures of me.

But today (October 14th, 2016) I had an idea while meditating. I've been trying to get back into my daily meditation routine, and thought of how that could lead me to meditate every day for a year. Then I had the idea of taking a picture of what I meditate in front of every day. This would work with the motorcycle trips, because I would be meditating while I was riding around the country. However, my tradition of Soto Zen means that I meditate facing a wall. So most of the pictures would be of the same wall. But then I had the idea of doing public meditation. It's something I've done before, where a group gets together and meditates on the National Mall, or in Dupont Circle. But if I did a public meditation every day for a year, I could do it in front of a different wall every day, and take pictures of the walls. In the end, I'd have 365 walls.

Unless I come up with a better idea between now and when I start, I'll go with that.

Another idea I have (March 2nd, 2018) was to do the standard picture of me every day for a year, but do weird stuff with shaving my face. Of course, my beard grows rather slow, so this might not be as dramatic as I would like.

Yet another idea (October 22nd, 2019) was to just take a picture every day. I once did a photo essay of "A Day in the Life of Craig O'Brien." I could do a year in the life of Craig O'Brien. And learn how to use a decent camera along the way.