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You wonder about the river
and you ask me where it may go;
but the river's way is to fork
to more ends than you can know.

But the ends are in the oceans,
or flowing to the seven seas;
and the oceans will evaporate,
to become the mountain streams.

Where is the border between the streams
and the river that you can see?
What's the difference 'tween the seas
and the ocean's deep blue gleam?

If you ask about the river
and wonder where it may end,
the best answer I can give you
is to jump on in and swim.

n = 1,829; December 13th, 2016


This came from a writing prompt on r/poetry_critics, asking to write a poem based on another reddit thread. The thread I chose was on supernatural beliefs in Buddhism. The first stanza is about there being numerous different forms of Buddhism. The next two stanzas are about all (schools) being one (Buddhism). The last stanza is about action rather than philosophimizirazation.

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