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I used to tell a lot of stories, as was remarked on at Sin Fest. Perhaps I still do. Although, back before I became enamoured of Integrity, I lied about a lot of those stories. I embellished, and I stole stories from others. When I was at the University of Rochester, my friend Brian Pfiefer liked my stories so much that he demanded to be my agent if I ever wrote my autobiography. I thought it was a silly idea, although I have toyed with the idea from time to time. When I wrote my Bucket List, I figured "what the heck," put it on the list. Then one day while Thinking on the Toilet, I came up with the idea of doing a drill-down autobiography on this wiki. That has the benefit of keeping it as the individual stories I've told throughout my life. Sort of like World War Z, without as much horror.

So, if you want to start, the top level of my autobiography is at Main Page#Where I've Been, although there are links popping in to the autobiography from all over the place.