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|32||Go to every national monument in DC.||Sights||  
|32||Go to every national monument in DC.||Sights||  
|33||[[Make a language]].||Other||2019-04-22
|33||[[Make a Language]].||Other||2019-04-22
|34||Make a phone game.||Programming||  
|34||Make a phone game.||Programming||  

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I used to think bucket lists were rather silly. They all tend to be "exotic places I want to see." I'm not big on travel. Zen has taught me to appreciate where I am wherever I am, even walking down a street I've walked down a couple thousand times. Why then would I need to travel?

But then I started thinking about retiring early. As part of that I started planning what I would do with all the extra time. It is in many ways more things to do than places to see, but there are places to see on the list. The places to see are more there as excuses to ride my motorcycle around the country. I did add Machu Pichu and Antartica, but I am not expecting to ride my motorcycle to either place. I'm not expecting to go to either place, either, but it would be cool. Each item on the list also has a category, because categories.

Before an item on the list is completed, the page for it (if any) gives some details on the idea. After an item on the list is completed, the page for it talks about the experience.

All of the Poetry items are listed as CANCELLED, due to the closure of my Poetry Blog

n Item Category Completed
1 Ride my motorcycle to every state in the continental US. Motorcycle
2 Ride my motorcycle down Rt. 66 Motorcycle
3 See Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse Monument Sights
4 See the Grand Canyon Sights
5 See Yellowstone Sights
6 See Winchester House Sights
7 See the Serpent Mound Sights
8 Go to Mardi Gras Events
9 See the Northern Lights Sights
10 Meditate with Brad Warner. Zen
11 Go to John Todd's Bar-B-Q Events
12 See the Hollywood sign. Sights
13 Go to Area 51 Sights
14 Ride my motorcycle down the Vegas strip Motorcycle
15 Go to Craig, CO Sights
16 Go to Craig County, VA Sights
17 Go to a ghost town. Sights
18 Cliff dive. Crazy
19 Break into a construction site. Body
20 Get in a taxi and say "Follow that car!" Crazy
21 Walk into a bar with a priest and a rabbi. Crazy
22 Wash Clean Dishes. Zen
23 Take a photo a day for a year. Art
24 See a volcano Sights
25 See a castle Sights
26 Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Charity
27 Get a CDL License (with a bus certification). Learn
28 Volunteer at an animal shelter. Charity
29 Volunteer at DC Central kitchen. Charity
30 Bungee jump. Body
31 Go to every Smithsonian museum. Sights
32 Go to every national monument in DC. Sights
33 Make a Language. Other 2019-04-22
34 Make a phone game. Programming
35 Make a game database. Programming
36 Run in a road race. Body
37 Make a database of everything I own. Programming
38 Take a Vow of Silence for a month. Zen
39 Ride 29 all the way to Charlottesville Motorcycle
40 Walk all the way down 16th St. Hikes
41 Walk or Bicycle the whole Rock Creek Trail. Hikes
42 Random walk from the zero milestone. Hikes
43 Map DTSS. Programming
44 Learn to surf. Body
45 Go to an Adventure Park. Body
46 Go on a police Ride-Along. Learn
47 See a demolition derby. Events
48 See a rodeo. Events
49 Do a homeless weekend. Charity
50 Climb a rock wall. Body
51 Get a Gun License. Learn 2018-09-12
52 Drink only water for a week. Body
53 Learn to Ollie. Body
54 Roll up a random zip code with d10s and go there. Crazy
55 Eat an insect. Crazy
56 Perform at an open mike night for poetry. Poetry CANCELLED
57 Learn some Aikido. Body 2018-09-17
58 Learn first aid. Learn
59 Take a MOOC. Learn
60 Hide an encrypted message somewhere in a big city. Crazy
61 Go to an airport and take the next flight out of town. Crazy
62 Learn archery. Body
63 Become a prepper. Crazy 2016-12-30
64 Ride a segway. Body
65 Write a Letter to Myself, open it in 10 years. Other 2019-02-29
66 Get a whip and learn how to whip it. Crazy
67 See the Very Large Array Sights
68 Go to Devil’s Tower. Sights
69 Go to Centralia PA. Sights 2017-08-24
70 Ride the George Washington Highway Motorcycle
71 Ride the Skyline Drive Motorcycle
72 Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle
73 Ride the Tail of the Dragon, see the Tree of Shame (NC) Motorcycle
74 Ride the San Juan Mountain Skyway (CO) Motorcycle
75 Ride the Three Sisters (TX) Motorcycle
76 Ride the Pacific Coast Highway (CA) Motorcycle
77 Ride Coastal Route 1 (ME) Motorcycle
78 Ride Scenic Byway 12 (UT) Motorcycle
79 Go to a county board meeting. Civics
80 Watch the state legislature in session. Civics
81 Watch the US Congress in session. Civics
82 Learn to roller blade. Body
83 Answer 24 consecutive, affordable requests with “yes.” Crazy
84 Do a week long meditation retreat. Zen
85 Write ten thousand lines of poetry Poetry CANCELLED
86 Read the Shobogenzo Zen 2019-04-10
87 Write a text games suite Programming 2019-01-08
88 Write a learn to program with games blog Programming
89 Write six basic computer games. Programming
90 Learn assembly language Programming
91 Make a toy language Programming
92 Make a keyword based file system Programming
93 Do a month of meditation. Zen
94 Write a poem every day for a year. Poetry CANCELLED
95 Read one of ewk’s suggestions Zen
96 Integrate my philosophies. Other
97 Make 12 T-Shirt Designs Art
98 Random number blog Other
99 Do an all day walking meditation Zen
100 Work through the three poetry books. Poetry CANCELLED
101 Write 101 poems in different traditional forms. Poetry CANCELLED
102 Become the pandas guru on python-forum Programming
103 Finish Training the Elephant Zen 2019-02-03
104 Get a poem published Poetry CANCELLED
105 Take a Poetry Class Poetry CANCELLED
106 Participate in the August poetry post cards Poetry CANCELLED
107 Spend a week doing nothing but writing poetry Poetry CANCELLED
108 Write a coherent book of poetry Poetry CANCELLED
109 Learn to write left handed Learn
110 Write my Autobiography Other
111 Learn to drum Learn
112 Attend Baltimore Yearly Meeting Other 2017-08-01
113 Draw an enso Zen
114 See Machu Pichu Sights
115 Set foot on all seven continents Sights
116 Learn to sew Learn
117 Learn Morse code Learn
118 Learn Linux Learn
119 See a traditional, theatrical presentation of Hamlet. Other
120 Read Nagarjuna Zen