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This is my page for tracking progress on my Get Up Sit Down project.

The Idea

I have two main priorities I need to deal with: Getting up on time and meditating. I think if I can get those two priorities working, it will have a huge positive effect on my life.

I want to commit to doing both of those every day for 108 days, starting on January 11th, 2016. There are two reasons for this. One is that the average time for a habit to form is 66 days. However, this is highly dependent on the habit and the person. I think for these habit, I should push for a longer training period. Half again of 66 days is 99 days. That's 9 days away from 108 days, a number of personal and religious significance.

I am going to use the trigger/reward system for the habits. While specific daily rewards are given, the reward is sugar. Every time I make it from one full moon to the next I should give myself a larger reward. Once I make 108 consecutive days I should give myself a huge reward. I must put thought into what those rewards would be.

Getting Up On Time

This is one goal, but it has several pieces.

  • Consistent wake up time every day of the week. This is set to 5:45 to match my work schedule.
  • Consistent go to bed time every day of the week. This is set to 9:45 to give eight hours of sleep. A reminder alarm has been set for 9:30.
  • Take care of evening ablutions after dinner, to make it easy to go to bed on time (all except medication).
  • If I don't get to sleep by 10:15, get up and read for a half hour. Repeat half hour in bed, half hour reading as necessary.
  • No Cokes after I get home from work or feed the cat on weekends.
  • Hard 30 minute limit on naps.

The trigger for this goal is the alarm going off. Don't even spend time being nice to the cat. Do that before leaving, if there is time. The reward is an early soda.


The target here is 30 minutes of seated meditation each day, and 30 minutes of off the cushion meditation each day. However, ten minutes of seated meditation counts a success for any given day.

For the off the cushion practice I want to reinstate regular commute meditation, either on the bus or the motorcycle as appropriate. On the weekends, I will either need to do cleaning meditation or go for a half hour walk.

The trigger for seated meditation is feeding the cat. This means I need to make sure to go to the bathroom before leaving work. Otherwise that interrupts the trigger. The reward is a cupcake.

Tracking Pages

There are tracking pages using MediaWiki tables to track the progress on this project.


So the night after I came up with this plan, the night before my first committed getting up, I could not sleep at all. I got up three times to read for a half hour, and then got up three or four more times to play solitaire, and then just gave up. I drank three sodas to make it through the day. I turned out not to need a nap in the afternoon, but meditation was very hard.