Jackie Chan's Sweaty Boxers

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I was acting in a martial arts movie with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. We were in the locker room and Jackie Chan took off his stinking, sweaty boxers and handed them to me. They were hand made, and I noticed the seam on the elastic band was odd. I pulled it open and found the secret number 0906 embroidered inside.

Then I left the locker room with Bruce Lee and we were walking down an alley toward the Waverly Street parking garage. Bruce Lee agreed with me that Jackie Chan handing me his sweaty boxers was really disgusting. I was about to tell him about the secret number, but he turned his head at the sound of someone in distress. Then he ran off without a word to help whoever was in trouble. I tried to run after him, but it turns out Bruce Lee runs much faster than I do.

I gave up and went back to Waverly Street. There was a lot of traffic, including an articulated two level bus full of screaming cartoon characters. Across the street I could see that the stairwell in the parking garage was totally crowded, including a guy in a wheelchair trying to get up the stairs. I decided to wait for a bit to see if Bruce Lee would come back.

While I was waiting I woke up. It was 3 AM and I couldn't get back to sleep. Obviously I was traumatized by Jackie Chan's sweaty boxers. Therefore I will forever keep an eye out for the secret number 0906, and take it as a bad omen.