Kenan Clones

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I dreamed I was working on a mapping of key words to lists of one or more other words. I was doing this on a spreadsheet, although I had left the first row and column blank for some reason. This was deep, theological stuff that I had been working on for some time. I was doing it on a small, gray laptop, in a dark alley way in the middle of the night. There were these black guys running all over the place in the alley, and they were all identical clones of Kenan Thompson, and they were all wearing gray sweat shirts and dark gray pants. They were being chased around the alley by light gray sports cars with tinted windows. The cars were very serious about it, but all of the Kenan clones had this little smile on their face. In all the chaos, the laptop I was working on got knocked out of my hand. I was looking around on the ground for it, but the pavement was all patched up in right angles, and I kept seeing patches I thought were my laptop, but were just sections of pavement. I woke up before I could find my laptop.

The whole dream was shades of gray, except for the brown skin of the Kenan clones, the green Excel title bar, and the dark blue pavement.