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I am giving up on this bucket list item. I did a fair bit of work on creating an artificial language. I came up with a method for generating words. It was keyboard based, meaning easier to type words were more common. Only ASCII letters were use, each one with a specific pronunciation. A grammar was set up, using a lot of prefixes, along with verb and related non-verb meanings for each word. I got up to a point of a basic vocabulary, equivalent to about 800-1000 English words. It was based on Buddhist and mathematical concepts as core concepts in the language. At that point I started to work on translating specific texts. Since the Lord's Prayer is often used for translations, I went with the Heart Sutra instead.

This is the point where it started bogging down. I had put a significant amount of work in already, and needed to put more work into a Python program that could grow the language effectively as I created the new words necessary for the translations. But I wasn't really enjoying the work. What is the point of a bucket list item you aren't enjoying? I thought I was going to spend my retirement writing fantasy novels, until I discovered that despite loving to write and loving fantasy novels, I didn't enjoy writing fantasy novels. And looking down the road, there is no point in creating a language you aren't going to use regularly enough to at least close to fluent in. I could not see myself spending that much time on the language, no matter how interesting it's features are.

I'm not going to consider this a failure. My bucket list is not there to be a set of goals I must achieve to have a successful retirement. It is there to be a set of paths to go down to figure out how to enjoy my retirement. I went down this path, and I figured out something about what I enjoy, and that is success as far as I am concerned.