Meal Gatha

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We reflect on the effort this meal took,
from the farmer's plow to the chopping cook.
We accept this gift to survive this day.
We accept this gift to attain our way.
As we strive for a mind that never clings,
We should not grasp for desired things.

Let the first portion of this good food be
to help us eliminate anger and greed.
Let the next portion of this good food be
to grow our compassion for those in need.
Let the last portion of this good food be
so that all suffering is extinguished.
And let us all give hope that what will be
is a great wide world where all are nourished.

n = 269; May 6th, 2016


Much like Christians saying grace before a meal, Buddhists often say a meal gatha before a meal. The word gatha is a Sanskrit word for "song" or "verse," so I decided to the verse in a more Western style. All of the ideas in the poem come from different meal gathas I have come across either at retreats or online.

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