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I remember when I was a kid I was flipping through the dictionary, looking for the definition of some word. I came across the definition of another word: moment. The dictionary I had said that a moment was one and a half minutes. I thought that was ludicrous, and that moments were much quicker than that. I also get irritated with the word genius, but that's another post.

Today in meeting, I received a message on guilt trips. I knew that one of the other Quakers was out front greeting people, so I waited to share the message until he got back. He came back with some other people, but I could hear one more person moving around, so I waited for them to come in. When that lady came in, I decided to give her a chance to settle in, so I waited 90 seconds before sharing.

I do this a fair bit in Quaker meeting. When we are sharing requests to hold people in the light, I wait 90 seconds after the latest request before asking if there are any more requests. When we are responding to queries at the beginning of meeting for worship with a concern for business, I was 90 sections after the last response before asking if there are any more responses. Today I realized what those pauses are. They are moments of silence.

So a moment can be a minute and a half. But I still think that often a moment is much shorter than that. A moment is what it needs to be in the moment. Sometimes it is true that a moment is 90 seconds, and sometimes that is false. Because truth is also what it needs to be in the moment.