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You'll be a quiet, pro-active, self starter who thrives working in an isolated environment, capable of producing poetry, tracking the poetry written, publishing it online, and pestering your friends about it. With good language skills as well as visualization skills and linguistic analysis capabilities, the ideal candidate will have an understanding and/or appreciation of the challenging nature of the poetry obsession. An ability to be creative and perform well under absolutely no pressure is essential.

The POET will be responsible for the creation, review, modification, publication, and promotion of poetry and poetry related materials, including formal poetry, free verse, poetry exercises, and random pontification on the nature of art. The individual will be responsible for supporting and implementing poetry at our Silver Spring studio, ensuring that all tracking and publication systems are functioning as required, allowing friends and relatives to view or ignore the poetry as needed, effectively and efficiently.


Write a poem every day, with critical review and changes as needed, avoiding repeating tired and abused themes over and over again. Perform regular review of previously written poetry with changes as needed. Perform quality review of previously written poetry, with manual and electronic publication as necessary. Participate in a administration of backup operations. Support workstation and paper archive management. Ensure proper documentation of systems and procedures. Asses, troubleshoot, and resolve writer's block issues. Remain up to date on best practices and new developments in the poetry field. Upgrade linguistic analysis software. Maintain the poetry room and required supplies. Other duties and projects as assigned.


English fluency with 50k certified vocabulary Ubuntu Linux MediaWiki Readable handwriting (doctors need not apply) Python coding


70k+ certified vocabulary Experience and familiarity with local poetry bars Cool hat History of depression and/or drug addiction

Send your CV to recruitment@xenomind.com and include the position you are applying for, references, and lack of salary requirements.