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This is the starting point for all of the poetry on this wiki. I am not currently writing any new poetry. I have determined that while I enjoy writing poetry, I don't actually like poetry. This causes a conflict with my desire to write better poetry, because I don't want to read or analyze other people's poetry.

There are wikiblog add-ins for doing blogs on MediaWiki, but it didn't seem like it would be that hard to do a blog on a wiki without them. And using them seems to require setting up special namespaces in the wiki, and it's not clear how transparent that will be. So I'm going to try and do this manually for a while, and we'll see how it works out. It should only be three small edits per blog post (link this post to the new poem, link the new poem to the previous poem, and link the previous poem to the new poem).

Recent Poems

  1. F-f-fire
  2. Untitled, n = 2,219
  3. Untitled, n = 2,182
  4. Untitled, n = 2,163
  5. Untitled, n = 2,159
  6. Untitled, n = 2,155
  7. Untitled, n = 2,147
  8. Untitled, n = 2,143
  9. Untitled, n = 2,135

Not all the poems in the blog are listed above. However, all of the poems in the blog are in the Category:Poems category. All of the poems in the blog are also linked to each other in the order they were posted. There should be next poem and/or previous poem links at the bottom of each blog post, as well as a link back to this page.


Most of my poems are untitled, but all of them have a number (n). The n for a poem is the number of lines of poetry I have written as of the last line of that poem. So if you have two of my poems, the one with the lower n was written first. I started counting lines when I started writing poetry seriously.

Some poems also have an r number. I only give poems an n number when I think they are complete. But I'm not sure poems are ever really complete, and rewriting is to poetry as location is to real estate. If a poem has an r number, it is a rewrite of a previous poem. The r number of the rewrite is equal to the n number of the poem that was rewritten. That might not be the n of the original poem. For example, say I have poem A, which I rewrite as poem B, so that Br = An. If I do a second rewrite, I could base it on poem B (so that Cr = Bn), or I could go back and base it on the original poem A (so that Cr = An). Note that the n for a rewrite only counts rewritten or added lines. Lines taken verbatim from the previous poem are not counted.

This is what happens when you let an overly analytical person write poetry.