Twilight Baseball

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Variant of
Midnight Baseball
Max Players
Betting Rounds
Max Cards Seen
Wild Cards
Two Plus Two Forums


  1. Deal three cards face down to each player.
  2. Deal four cards down to each player. No player may look at these cards.
  3. Arrange your down and no peek cards in a stack, but do not look at your no peek cards.
  4. Deal one card face up to the table.
  5. The next player in betting order flips over cards one at a time until they have the best hand showing (counting the first table card as a hand).
  6. If the player who just flipped cards didn't fold, normal betting round starting with that player.
  7. Repeat the last two actions until everyone still in has all of their cards face up.
  8. Showdown, high hand wins.
  9. Threes and nines are wild.
  10. If you flip all of your cards and cannot beat the best hand showing, you must fold.
  11. If any player ever flips a four face up, they may buy another down card for max bet. In the case of multiple fours in the same round, start with the player to the left of the deal and go around.