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There is a well known city
who's streets I know so well
A thousand times I've plied them
and a thousand more as well.

There is no map to guide you
you must find each way anew
eight zillion trips to figure
from only fifty-two.

I saw a way to map it,
this way, that and back.
I'd make the lock that solved it
the key was what I lacked.

I searched all o'er the city
til I found a wise red-cap.
He knew just where the key was,
because he already had the map.

n = 1,884; December 25th, 2016.


This came from a search I was doing for the pseudo-random number generator used for Microsoft Solitaire. I wanted to be able to generate and then rank the 1,000,000 Freecell games. I found a site that not only linked to the PRNG, but that also linked to a site ranking all the games.

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