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There's a hunger in the darkness,
that feeds upon my heart.
I heal the wounds with moonlight,
and the sweat of working hard.

I limp into the sunlight
and find the path I carve;
but the darkness is inside me,
and the light just makes it starve.

Ravenous, it trips me,
with pebbles made of dust.
I stumble back to darkness,
kicking up a fuss.

Perhaps that is my problem,
as I love what I must fight.
Can I feed the hunger,
while walking through the light?

n = 1,964; February 16th, 2017


Trying to reconcile my desires for depression and happiness. The desire/addiction to depression seems the worst when I am happy for a long time. Moonlight here is a metaphor for Zen, via Taoism, and Red Pine's theory that Taoism is moon worship.

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